About Hurricane, Hail, and Wind Damage

For property owners, it is not always easy to tell if you have damage from the ground. It takes the trained eye of a knowledgeable roofing professional to determine the extent of your damage caused by hurricanes, hail or wind storms. Storm damage may seem unthreatening and harmless; however, it has most likely lessened the life of your roof and voided the previous warranty.

Storm damage loosens granules that protect your roof, leaving your roof susceptible to further damage, including UV rays and a quicker deterioration of your shingles. Over time, the lost granules lead to more roof problems and ultimately inside threats. If your roof is compromised, so is everything under that roof.

We are professionals! We are trained to know what to look for and what a compromised roof looks like. We are also trained to assist you in navigating through the insurance process. Kennedy will submit all of the necessary paperwork and diagrams requested by your insurance company in a professional format so that your insurance company can evaluate your claim. Not only can we identify the extent of the damage, but we also provide you with everything you need to help you get your roof and/or property replaced by your insurance company. Kennedy Roofing will inspect your property for free, provide any documents, including a diagram and inspection report, requested by your insurance company, and give you a high quality roof job. Your only out of pocket cost is your deductible.

Call us today, and let us be on your side!